The Fungie

The Fungie


Back in September 2021



Designed in Ireland, the Fungie is a special edition Board which celebrates the good times brought to Ireland by Fungie.


Engineered at 10’4” x 32” x 6”, the Orca Board is the ideal all-rounder and can be used by any rider for any purpose.


Who is it for?

The Orca Board is suitable for all ages and can be used on any type of water as well as for surfing. Thanks to the 32” width, and optimized 6” thickness, the Orca Board offers awesome balance and rigidity. These features, together with the 2+1 fin setup, provides riders with good manoeuverability and speed. The diamond imprinted deck pad also offers great grip, and comfort, when performing turns or during occasional use in the surf.


The Dorsal Kayak Seat, included as standard, transforms the Orca Board into a kayak giving riders the flexibility to paddle, or kayak, and explore in comfort.


What’s in the box?

Inflatable Stand Up Orca Board Paddle Board

3-piece aluminum paddle

Kayak paddle attachment

Double action inflation and deflation pump

Removable Centre Fin for US Fin Box

Safety Leash

Orca Board personal flotation device

Orca Board backpack

Orca Board Dorsal kayak seat

Waterproof phone cover

Repair kit


Your safety is our priority and it is for this reason an Orca Board personal flotation device is included in every box. Always wear your leash, have fun and see you out there!


The best part!

We are working together with our two non-profit charities ‘The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group' and 'The Whale Sanctuary Project’ to give Orcas and Dolphins the right to swim free and not be held in captivity for human entertainment.


Now all that’s left for you to do is…Join the Pod!


Technical Specifications

Board Length = 10’ 4"

Board Weight = 10kg

Board Width = 32"Fin System = 2 + 1

US Fin BoxFin Length = 9"

Board Thickness = 6"

Pressure = 15psi

Recommended Number of Riders = 1

Rider Weight = Up to 140kg