Who We Are 


 We are an Irish company based in Dublin, Ireland.

From the very beginning, our goal was to design paddleboards that were versatile enough to be paddled anywhere in Ireland. 

Our boards are designed in Ireland guaranteeing the best quality, design and innovation. 

We wanted to make the sport accessible to everyone who wanted to enjoy the relaxation of paddling down a calm lake, touring the coastline, or feeling the exhilaration of riding a wave!

By selling our boards as a package, we also take some of the guessing game out of buying your first board - we appreciate this can be daunting. 

Enjoy the ride!

Our Wildlife Mission

While we love introducing more and more people to the sport of paddleboarding, we are using profits to help in whale and dolphin conservation. This is something which is close to our hearts. 

There are more than 3,000 whales and dolphins in captivity around the world.

In the EU, 14 countries hold whales and dolphins in captivity. There are 33 facilities using 307 whales and dolphins for human entertainment. 

When you choose an Orca Board, 10% of profits is donated directly to our two charities:

1. The Whale Sanctuary Project (2020 and 2021)

2. The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (2021)

In 2020, we, with all YOUR help, were able to donate $2,000 to The Whale Sanctuary Project in Nova Scotia, Canada - Thank You!


All that's left for you to do is join the pod! 

The Whale Sanctuary 2020 Cheque Orca Board

Meet Two Of Europe's Captive Orcas


In 2010 a young female orca was spotted swimming alone in the waters of the Netherlands.  Although extremely under weight, was never stranded, but was free-swimming when she was captured by a local theme park (Dolfinarium Harderwijk), under a Dutch Government issued ‘rescue, rehabilitation and release’ permit.

Unfortunately, the theme park  never fulfilled the ‘rehabilitation and release’ part of the permit.  Rather, the young orca, whom they called Morgan, was trained institutionalized behaviors, as well as undignified tricks.  

10 years later, Morgan continues to suffer in captivity at Loro Parque, in the Tenerife Islands, Spain. There, she is bullied, attacked and harassed. She has to perform in shows and the adult male tries to mate with her, when she is still a pre-teen.

Morgan Orca Board


Tekoa is a 19 year old male orca who lives at Loro Parque in the Tenerife Islands, Spain. He was born at SeaWorld Orlando on November 8, 2000 to mother Taima and father Tilikum.

Kalina was present for the birth and assisted Taima through labuor.

As with her first calf Sumar, Taima showed aggression towards Tekoa at a very young age. The two were separated after a few months and Tekoa was raised mostly by Kalina with the assistance of Katina. Kalina had given birth to her son Tuar in 1999 and the half brothers became very close. Even after Kalina had another calf named Skyla, she still looked after Tekoa. Soon after however, he was transfered to SeaWorld San Antonio along with Tuar in April 2004. Tekoa moved again to Loro Parque in February 2006, leaving Tuar behind.

Tekoa is a submissive orca in the pod and others tend to be rather dominant towards him. He tends to spend a lot of time with Keto, Morgan and Adan.

Tekoa Orca Board