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About Us

ORCA BOARD is an award winning Irish owned and operated water sports company.


Our mission is to bring high quality and affordable products to the nation so that they can begin to discover the real beauty of Ireland from the sea.


All of our range is proudly designed in Ireland guaranteeing the best quality, design and innovation. 

Orca Board SUP Charity

Our Wildlife Mission


While we love introducing more and more people to the ocean, we are using a portion of our profits to help in whale and dolphin conservation. This is something which is close to our hearts and its the reason why our boards are named after Orcas held in captivity. 

There are more than 3,000 whales and dolphins in captivity around the world.

In the EU, 14 countries hold whales and dolphins in captivity. There are 33 facilities using 307 whales and dolphins for human entertainment. 

When you choose an Orca Board, 10% of profits is donated directly to our two charities:

1. The Whale Sanctuary Project (2020 - present)

2. Seal Rescue Ireland (2022-present)

To date we have donated close to €10,000 to our charity partners.

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Orca Board has been supported by the Enterprise Office and our goal is to create long term employment in Ireland.


Some really nice people in the media have said some really lovely things about us and you can read more by clicking on the images. 

In addition our products have featured in Image Magazine, VIP Magazine, Stellar Magazine, amongst other.

In December 2021, Orca Board won a Silver Medal at the National Start Up Awards for best product by a Start Up.

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