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Why Belooga?

As you know we're all about the whales! When looking for a name for our swimwear collection we were immediately drawn to Beluga whales. They're both beautiful and expressive with a love for social interaction. They also love to pull funny faces, just like some of our ocean dippers in the depths of winter!! Did we also mention they sing - yes Beluga whales actually sing! Like Pavarotti! As a result they are often referred to as the canaries of the sea. What's not to love about our beautiful ocean friends.


Unfortunately beluga whales continue to be hunted and captured, often for use in human entertainment facilities. At the same time, pollution and climate change threaten their ocean homes.


It's important that we work to create healthy seas and ensure that these beautiful mammals have the opportunity to live a life free to roam our oceans.

Making an Impact

At Orca Board we want to make an impact.

We want to help reduce the amount of plastic bottles that go into our oceans and landfills every year. This is why we use REPREVE, a fiber made from recycled plastic do good! 

The quality of the fabric is so good, it's hard to believe that you are actually wearing recycled plastic bottles!

We designed our swimsuits keeping every women, every body shape and every size in mind. We're keeping it stylish, comfy, simple and fun and each style has its own story to tell - we use it is a form of story telling, creative expression, and makes us feel like we can take on and change the world we live in. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

By supporting brands that use REPREVE as well as other types of recycled fabrics you are making a difference to the future we will live in. 

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