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Keeps you warm.

What is Blubber

Blubber is the latest addition to the Orca Board family. Blubber will focus on everything that keeps you warm in and out of the water.

The Blubber line will expand into everything you need to conquer the seven seas and five oceans.

Image by Austin Neill

Why Blubber?

You guessed it! Blubber is a dynamic, complex, and multifunctional tissue, that serves many roles, mainly warmth!


Blubber will give you the warmth you need to maintain your ideal body temperature in and out of the water.


Our wetsuit range, launching shortly, will use eco friendly Yamamoto Neoprene, which is derived from Limestone.

Standard Neoprene is derived from fossil fuels, namely Petroleum, which has a devastating impact on our environment and the oceans we love.

At Orca Board, we're always looking at ways to make a positive impact and bring new products to you in a sustainable way which is one of our key values. Because when we know better, we choose better.